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Treasure Land Property Consultants Ltd

Treasure Land PropertyConsultants Ltd.


Treasure Land Property Consultants is a Hong Kong based property consultancy, dedicated to satisfying its clients’ needs by providing top quality professional services. Since its founding in 1989, Treasure Land has conducted its business with an international perspective and has achieved a quality standard that is truly world-class. Rather than merely facilitating a transaction that is necessary to “secure the deal”, it is ingrained in Treasure Land to go above and beyond in its commitment to service. Since its early days, Treasure Land has developed a unique corporate culture comprised of a blend of Chinese philosophy and Western management disciplines – a success formula which has brought about years of record-breaking achievement. In the globalized economy today, it is Treasure Land’s best-in-class professionalism that allows the firm to consistently win the hearts and minds of its clients and to steadily achieve its reputation in the market as the definition of excellence.

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