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Honeypot Wax Boutique

John Smith


It seems only like yesterday when the hair-raising idea of a waxing boutique popped into our heads. It all happened during a summer debauchery in Europe. Kitty had been frolicking in its fabulous culture for far too long and found herself a little too fuzzy down south.

Desperate times called for desperate measures so Kitty trawled the cobbled streets of Europe to get a wax job done. After searching for days, she finally found a little place but agawd! It was decked out like a stuffy clinic; its therapists had not a smile on their face, were rough and barked orders at Kitty! And we know kitties don’t like barks.

But being a kitty of beauty, she braved the wax job. A few suppressed meows and a scowl later, she emerged a little hissed off but fortunately unscathed.

It was at that moment that Kitty put her paw down and said “Enough!” No other kitty would be subjected to the same unpleasantry ever again. Kitties who wax, deserve only the best – both in wax job and in service.

When Kitty returned to Singapore, she delved into months of research. Pile of sketches, hundreds of phone calls and some 50 wax formulas later, Kitty proudly introduced her own brand of wonderful, which we know today as Honeypot.

Opening Hour


11am - 9pm


11am - 9pm


11am - 9pm


11am - 9pm


11am - 9pm





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