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Hangkui Sea-Products & Co Ltd

Yubinyham Mungwin


Hangkui Sea-Products & Co. Ltd is best known and most respected as a mid-size "Concept to Completion" Seafood company, and it is one of the leading International Seafood suppliers and Exporters in Cameroon that operates a streamlined supply chain of a variety of high quality live, fresh, frozen and Dried seafood products including its own processing plant in Douala which is in the Littoral region of the country. We also have an exceptionally and efficiently trained and qualified team of in-house product R&D department as well as warehousing facilities. The head office of the establishment is located precisely in Bonadikombo, Douala, which is a seaport facility that is located in the Littoral Province.

Hangkui Sea-Products & Co Ltd started in Bonadikombo in 1991 primarily as a small, locally owned fishing company and in a relatively short time has become a leader in the fishing sector. On the 24th day of November 2011, Hangkui Sea-Products & Co Ltd was incorporated in the Credit and Property Registry of the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries (MINEPIA) as a Limited Company, thus obtaining its first 10 years renewable Export License. We are also registered and regulated by the Cameroonian Chamber of Commerce. Production hailed from Hangkui is well equipped with extensive process control systems (HACCP), according to EU and FDA requirements until products delivery. Thus our factories are approved by HACCP, EEC, BAP, EFSIS, FDA etc.

Our products portfolio consists of more than 9 segmented lines of the highest quality seafood products ranging from Live, Frozen and Dried. From the vast majority of our products collected/harvested from the Atlantic waters (FAO 34), only approximately 75% is dedicated for exports, while the remaining 25% is destined for internal domestic consumption.

We do products like Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus), Live West Coast Rock Lobsters (Jasus lalandii), Live Abalones OR Perlemoen (Haliotis midae), Live Mud Crabs (Scylla serrata), Live Tiger/Spiny or Ornate Lobsters (Panulirus ornatus), Dried Abalones, Dried Nile Perch Maws, Dried Seahorse, Frozen Nile Perch Fillets, Dried Shark fins, Dried Sea cucumbers etc

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