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Mr. Richard Wong


Since 1951, GGEC has committed to design and manufacture high quality audio products. Today, we are serving both consumers and professional customers from around the world, providing all types of speaker drivers and sound systems.Below are some highlights of our facilities:20 driver assembly lines with monthly capacity of 4 million speaker units.8 cabinet assembly lines with monthly capacity of 360,000 wood and plastic speaker enclosures.8 assembly lines with monthly capacity of over 720,000 multimedia speakers.50 injection molding and 3 ultrasonic welding machines.20 0n-line MLSSA testing equipment.GGEC is well staffed by 160 highly skillful engineers,400 technicians and over 1600 trained workers. Having successfully completed ISO 9001 and QS 9000 certification, GGEC maintains the highest quality standard for global markets.One of GGEC's main strengths is its engineering capability of working with clients from concept of idea to final product. GGEC engineering includes an in-house product design, and tooling design team. All tools, jigs and parts are CNC machined and tooled in-house enabling 100% control of tooling process, and tooling completion dates.GGEC engineering management works closely with sourcing, QC and IQC department minimizing risks of substandard parts entering our factory and aims to ensure high quality standard and promt delivery time. Typical lead time is around 30-40 days for speakers and 60-90 days for complete systems.GGEC is strictly an OEM/ODM speaker factory specializing in manufacturing turnkey products to meet your specifications. GGEC also offers a combination of over 1000 different off-the-shelf drivers and systems that reducing your product design time and may eliminate your tooling cost.GGEC controls the reliability and quality of products with a tightly monitored system. Specifically, we maintain an anechoic chamber with a full set of B&k and Audio Precision Acoustic testing equipment. Each production line is equipped with a MLSSA computer testing system, operated under SPC. Therefore, all products are 100% tested before being shipped out from factory.As the largest most complete loudspeaker manufacturer , GGEC understands the importance of building a long term win-win partnership with our customers. Our mission is to satify our customers that we have been doing for the past 50 years and we will continue to do so.

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