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Borneo Coal & Minerals Indonesia is agent of several coal & minerals mine company that established at 2010 with satisfied good result in many international and regional coal & minerals trading. With this experience we try to go online marketing, in case of that we are looking for serious steam coal & minerals buyers that need indonesian coal & minerals especially from kalimantan. If you are serious buyer that need representative in Indonesia or want to buy from our principal. Please dont hesitate to contact us. We will wait to hear from you soon.

we offer/ sell steam coal direct coal miners from Indonesian.
1. Calorie 6300 – 6500 kcal
2. Calorie 6300 – 6100 kcal
3. Calorie 5600 – 5800 kcal
4. Calorie 5300 – 5500 kcal
Quantity Supply 50.000 – 250.000 MT/ Month
Origin: Indonesia

Iron Ore
1.Fe lump/ fine 63 reject 61%
2.Fe lump/ fine 63 reject 60%
3.Fe lump/ fine 58 reject 56%

Quantity Supply 25.000 – 50.000 MT/ Month
Origin: Indonesia

Nickel Ore
1.Ni 1.8-1.75
2.Ni 1.8-1.7
3.Ni 1.7-1.6
Quantity Supply 25.000 – 50.000 MT/ Month
Origin: Indonesia

Payment Term :
1.FOB Barge by Cash 5-4-1
2.FOB MV by cash 5-4-1
3.FOB MV by 100% at sight, irrevocable, Non Transferable letter of credit, SBLC, Usance LC from any prime International Bank.Please send your LOI and draff contract for next procedure to email : bcmi.indonesia@

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