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Junk Call Guard












- 來電守衛提供的名單或功能的準確性、即時性或完整性;

- 因任何資訊錯漏或來電守衛相關事項而引起的各種直接或間接費用或損失;

- 其他使用來電守衛有關的一切風險。





Terms & Policy

Please read the following Term and Conditions carefully before using Junk Call Guard. By accessing or using Junk Call Guard you agree to be bound by these Terms.


Junk Call Guard consists of lists of Junk Call numbers. In Junk Call Guard service, Junk Call numbers shall mean unsolicited phone calls to people they don’t know in an attempt to sell products or services. The list of Junk Call numbers aims at protecting the receiver’s right to know, we have no intention to stop you from accepting any calls.


Junk Call Guard has a feature which the users can submit Junk Call numbers to be included in the Junk Call list from time to time. Users should take the responsibility that the submitted numbers will not play pranks or do anything malicious or misleading.


We reserve the right at absolute discretion to delete any Junk Call number from the list at any time.


We accept no responsibilities for the following items:


- the accuracy or instantaneity or completeness of the Junk Call numbers in the Junk Call list;

- any direct or indirect expense or loss arising from any inaccuracies or omissions or other related matters from Junk Call Guard;

- any other risks related to the use of Junk Call Guard.


Users acknowledge and agree that Junk Call Guard may include advertisement.


We reserve the right to revise the terms and policy from time to time.

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