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Signage Solutions

Digi@Digi is a full-service provider of Digital signage and billboard with cost-effective solutions for a wide range of businesses. Our products range from simple, low cost, product showcase systems for retail and trade shows to enterprise-class digital signage hardware and custom software solutions for complex installations. Solutions For Every Sector in, Retail & Showrooms, Healthcare, Conference & Training centers, Schools & Universities, Community Centers & Religious institutes, Bars & Restaurants, Transportation, Hotels, Spas and Gyms. We attach importance to quality and service, attention to changes in market demand as well as customer satisfaction targets.

Creative Content Design and Managed Services

Our team of experienced digital signage experts, who possess in-depth insight about the market, will create dynamic, creative content that’s tailored to your specific signage project. We offer the full range of advertising and visual production services, including Motion Graphics Design, Video Production, Photo Shooting, Video Editing and Touch Programming Design. Also offers the standard warranty on all digital signage covers one year. we developed the digital signage managed services to help digital signage network operators deploy and run their networks with minimal staff and maximum efficiency.

Advertising content management systems

Digital Signage content management systems enables the managing of dynamic campaigns from the cloud to any signage hardware anywhere in Hong Kong. The user can broadcast the same or different targeted messages to any number of signs at an unlimited number of locations in real-time. We believe the days of the paper sign are long gone and it is about time retailers can implement easily and cost effectively a digital signage system that allows managing and broadcasting rich and interactive campaigns.

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