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Mr. Harry Yim


Walon Technologies Co. Is a fast growing high-tech company and dedicate in digital video and digital picture research, development, application and sales. From the year of 2003, we accompanied with cutting-edge digital video experimental center of the world to develop digital video processing products. This experimental center has more than 10 senior engineers in facilitating digital video products. Based on the strong capability and cooperation with best video chipset supplier in Israel, Canada, USA, and Japan, those digital products are leading in the world technology. The products are application for wide range in many institution and enterprise of aerospace, broadcast, media, network, telecommunication, education, military, government and consumer, etc.Walon accompanied with this strong R&D center and with the strong support from Sony and Philips, provide most cutting-edge DVD+RW Recorder.The potiential demand of DVD video processing in consumer market, Walon based on leading technology of Philips' MPEG2 encoder and decoder video technology, manufacture this kind hard design DVD + RW Recorder. Lead the video into the world of home usage. Let us go ahead with everyone in the field of DVD video recorder.Our other LCD department belong to LaiLaurel Electronics Co. Ltd that has unique capability to satisfy your needs in LCD, LCD module&COG. Backup by experienced personnel and well-equipped production facilities, we can offer standard and custom-designed items, character to graphic, and various backlighting systems. Applications from recreational, consumer, medical, process control, POS to communications.Contact us for your requirements and we can guide you through to the best LCD system for your applications.

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