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U+I International trading HK Co., ltd.Who & where we are:Welcome to U+ I international trading HK Co., ltd. (U+I), which is one of the premier international suppliers of Chinese products, headquartered in Hong kong. Our operations started in 1998, integrating contacts domestically and internationally.Exports & imports:We pride ourselves on every product brought into the warehouse, and then distribute them to parts of the world.As a pioneer in the business of exports, growing each year, we have been dedicated to providing such products, as toys, handicraft articles, christmas presents, office appliances, home appliances, dinnerware, wireless headphone, computer key-board, CD-ROM, mouse, leather handbag, etc, for purchasers and customers with a substantial sum of revenues in 2004, primarily in the European, North American and Asian markets.U+I leverages on the combined experience and networks of her core partners, affiliates and associates from European countries and the United States. Implementing sound practices of supplier/customer relations, U+I has a market presence in over 30 countries worldwide.Philosophy:Customers are at the heart of our strategy and we want to deepen our relationships to maximize growth and profitability. U+I believes in the philosophy of service first, fair trade and ethical business practice, and expects our partners in business to share the same principles. From the very beginning, customer service has been the primary focus of U+I. U+I has a great vision to distribute high quality china-made products. This helps us to establish international marketing programs.I sincerely hope that you enjoy your journey with u+i, and that we have many years of good relations. May you enjoy happiness, good health and prosperity. Here at u+i, we strive for prompt attention and service to meet the specific needs of customers and manufacturers.Contacts:Thank you for visiting us. If you have got any question, comment, or suggestion, feel free to contact us anytime. Whenever you want to inquire about products, check prices or place a proforma order, the sales managers are always standing by.

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