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Mr. terence tai


Digitmax Electronics Group LimitedBeing one of the most advanced OEM & ODM manufacturers of car entertainment system in Hong Kong with production facility in PRC, Digitmax Electronics is well versed in with the latest technology in car entertainment system, from audio to multimedia, from analogue to digital, and beyond to the state of the art of the range products. With its 20 years experiences in car entertainment systems, and its strong capabilities in R&D, Digitmax Electronics is able to meet the dynamics of new designs as well as full range of products for your choice. Our own production facilities enabled top quality, timely delivery products to be assembled only to our privileged customer. Our production facility in Donguang, Guangdong, PRC has an annual production capacity of 400,000 sets which mainly manufactures medium-low end products. Our associate plant at Xinhui, Guangdong, PRC has an annual production for high end products of 600,000 sets. With the application of SMT technology in our design and production, and experienced craftsmanship, every piece of product from us is quality assured.Digitmax Electronics is able to offer the most sophisticated car entertainment systems to car users yet without losing up its market consciousness in terms of the price of its products. We provide one-stop services to our OEM and ODM customers from initial design, engineering, and production of its products.We are trained to listen, now it's your time to make the call. Box-built Lines PCBA Lines SMT Lines

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