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Social Media Broadcasts (SMB) Limited


SMB Limited is a Hong Kong-based big data analytics company that develops software-as-a-service (SaaS) technologies to turn social big data into actionable intelligence. Through their innovative combination of experience with social architectures, understanding of Asian and Western behaviours, and integration of analytical methodologies, SMB offers a unique solution: Klarity. Klarity is a cloud-based platform that enables marketers, professionals and analysts to make sense of social data from various sources, including social media, mobile channels, and influencer networks. Using sophisticated algorithms, Klarity segments, refines, and interprets the data to present quantitative and qualitative metrics. Since launching in mid-2013, Klarity has been met with positive feedback and gained recognition from major global brands and multinational clients. Looking forward, SMB's goal is to widen Klarity's capabilities to provide an even more advanced and comprehensive SaaS solution for a broader range of verticals, including marketing, finance, healthcare, crisis management, and predictive forecasting. To support this mission, SMB has a core staff of 12 full-time employees, with additional help from strategic partners and experienced consultants and advisors.

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