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Magento Experts

Magento Experts


Enlightened's Magento experts are using the latest version of 1.7 magento's community edition to handle ecommerce websites for clients based in UK, USA, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Singapore and India. Our ecommerce websites designers are experts in ecommerce website development and we build ecommerce websites on magento, joomla, prestashop, oscommerce, zencart and even on wordpress platforms/softwares.

Our ecommerce websites designers can custom build designs from scratch, and we can create multiple ecommerce websites sharing the same database! This is beneficial when you need to have a seperate website for wholesalers and a seperate one for retailers, with different functionalties like registration details etc.,

Our ecommerce developers have been into ecommerce development since a decade. Our ecommerce designs are on par with international standards and we follow strict W3C standards.

In recent days we have started creating designs in HTML5.0 and our magento themes are mobile compatible.

Enlightened It Development is a pioneer in using open source applications such as magento, wordpress, joomla, prestashop, oscommerce, zencart, creloaded and so on...

Our expert developers are well versed in customizing ecommerce and content management solutions such as magento and joomla.

Our Magento developers can build websites from scratch, our magento designers create unique magento designs and our expert magento developers are capable of synchronizing data from magento to facebook and ebay stores. Our magento developers can handle data migration from oscommerce, virtuemart, zencart to magento.

Our ecommerce specialists create search engine friendly websites, which produce quick ROI. If you have multiple websites and stores to run then magento is the right solution for you.

A website should be considered a success when either it has created a brand awareness or has generated the required ROI, if neither has happened then ofcourse the developer has failed. This is the sole reason why we choose the best solutions avialable in the market for development instead of hand coding it ourselves! Magento, joomla, wordpress all have been tested and tried by millions of people and they have been performing consistently well.

The only drawback with open source code applications is that you need to keep upgrading them often, and dont worry we take care of that as well!

Any developer with knowledge in PHP can handle these applications but only experts can customize their functionality, and there is where our magento experts come into picture!

If you have a complicated website in hand then dont forget to get in touch with our magento experts at:

We are experts in SEO as well, and we hand submit the website to directories, forums, blogs and so on, for the site to gain a quick ROI. Our job doesn't get finished by just creating the website, but our job gets started here, right from optimizing the website via keywords, canonical tags, and hand submission to directories we take care of social networking submissions as well!

Social networking platforms like facebook, linkedin, twitter have become a craze because it is easier to talk to or to sell to people whom we know well!

To discuss on how we can revamp your current website to produce the maximum ROI, enquire with us at:

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