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Mr. George ZHU


Jingjiang Zhengmao Anchor Chain Accessories Co., Ltd is the largest manufacturer, specializing in producing anchor chain fittings in China. The company was established in 1966 and became a subcontractor of Zhenjiang Anchor Chain Factory in 1978. It obtained the production permission from CSSC in 1985. The company has become to run jointly with Zhenjiang Anchor Chain Factory since 1990. The company occupies an area of 15400 square meters and with 8800 square meters of construction. There are about 340 employees in the company, including 35 technicians and engineers. The main products are grade 2, grade 3 anchor chain fittings and mooring chain fittings. It can supply various types of fittings with an annual production capacity of about eighty thousand sets. It is capable of forging and machining in the anchor chain fittings ranging from Dia 12. 5mm to 152mm, mooring chain fittings, C shaped links and pear shaped anchor shackles etc. The fitting products of the company have been approved by 10 world main classification societies, such as CCS, LR, GL, ABS, NK, DNV, BV, RINA, RS and KR. The company has established the quality assurance system according to GB / T19001-2000idt, ISO9001-2000 with the certificate No. 00507q10024r2m and APIQI with the certificate No. 2f-0013. We produce and supply anchor chain fittings to most anchor chain factories in China and customers from other countries. We strongly recommend the following products to you. 1>Kenter shackle, Grade: U2, U3, R3, R42>Pear shaped joining shackle, Grade: M3, R3, R43>C shaped joining shackle, Grade: U3, R3, R44>D shaped joining shackle or anchor shackle, Grade: U2, U35>Anchor Swivel Shackle, Grade: U2, U3Thanks for your sincere support! George ZhuFor: Jingjiang Zhengmao Anchor Chain Accessories Co., Ltd.

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