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1. Greetings from LifeLook! Please join us and share in the beauty and joy of life. It is sincerely hoped that we can make your home or office more beautiful, and your life more pleasant than ever by offering our products, and by delivering these with a devotion to service that goes beyond the expectations of our valued customers. By Joey Wang2. About Us: A recognized leader in artificial products. Who & Where We Are: Welcome to Hongkong LifeLook Artificial Product Factory (LifeLook) , which is one of the premier manufacturers of artificial products, headquartered in Hongkong, which is subordinate to Hongkong LifeLook International Group Ltd. . It is Ms Joey Wang inspiration. Followed by her intuition that a market will be emerging for permanent artificial flowers, foliages, fruits, etc, our operations started in 1998, integrating contacts domestically and internationally. Implementing sound practices of supplier / customer relations, presently LifeLook has a market presence among the world. Philosophy: LifeLook has a great vision that we constantly strive after new ways to exceed your expectations. Since its setting-up, our mission has been the same, to provide product, quality, selection and value to our esteemed customers. Customers are at the heart of our strategy. Service is the primary focus of LifeLook. Lifelook believes in the philosophy of service first, fair trade and ethical business practice, and expects our partners to share the same principles. Lifelook expects to deepen our relationships to maximize growth and profitability, and are prepared to listen to any proposition that would be mutually beneficial. These help to establish global marketing programs. It is our hope that you enjoy your journey with LifeLook, and that we have many years of good relations. May you enjoy happiness, good health and prosperity. 3. Catalogs: Every item is chosen for beauty, joy, and value. Abundance: We have the various styles, the latest trends and the timeless classics from the usual to the not so usual to fit your needs. The LifeLook online website features all products showcased in the current catalogs. We have such nine serials, as Floral Creation, Spring Plant, Autumn Plant, Artificial Plant, Artificial Fruit, Christmas Decor, Easter Decor, Valentine Decor, Painting & Flag. With nearly 2000 items in the line, we offer the finest in artificial garlands, artificial fruit, silk flowers, plants, branches, foliages, trees, Christmas, Easter and Valentine ornaments, and seasonal decorations. Our high-quality, innovatively-designed and hand-crafted collections are created with even more attention to detail than those produced several years ago. Value: Whether you are looking for specific item or for your project, we have lots to choose from. The product, designed by our in-house team (customized design is welcomed) , are unique yet natural, easy in a realistic way, and are fully chosen to our esteemed clients with good quality and value available. Marketing: We pride ourselves on every product in our production line. Lifelook leverages on the combined experience and networks of her core partners, affiliates and associates worldwide. We bring them, from the production line, into our warehouse, and then distribute them to parts of the world. As a pioneer in the business of exports, growing each year, we have been dedicated to providing our products to purchasers and customers with an increasing substantial sum, primarily in the European, North American, Middle-Eastern and Asian markets. 4. Contact Us: Our sales managers are always standing by. Whenever you want to inquire about our products, check prices or place a proforma order, we are happy to come up with you. Enjoy your visit, and come again soon!

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