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HKC Holdings Limited


HKC (Holdings) Limited has established itself as one of China's leading property developers. The Company has made considerable investments along the Chinese coast, such as a residential site in Tianjin's Nankai District near the Olympic Stadium for building townhouses and high-rise apartments. In Jiangmen, HKC is constructing residential villas and high-rise apartments, and in Shenyang, HKC is developing a residential area close to Southlake Park, the city's prime public park. Meanwhile, the Company has two major office and commercial developments in the Hongkou District of Shanghai. One is located at the North Bund, next to the Shanghai cruise terminal with a spectacular view of the Huangpu River, while the other is situated in a premier shopping district along Sichuan North Road, just a few minutes away from the Bund. Additionally, HKC is creating a complex to trade wooden flooring, furniture, and building materials in Nanxun, Zhejiang Province. Furthermore, the Company has existing investments in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. In Shenzhen, HKC holds the commercial portion of Diwang, one of the city's tallest structures. In Guangzhou, HKC owns the retail section of CITIC Plaza, another one of the tallest buildings. On top of this, HKC has been a pioneer in the wind power industry with wind farms completed in Heilongjiang, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, and Gansu provinces. China Renew

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