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All kinds of electronic cigarettes are on-the-spot trial purchase, professional IQOS repair and heating smoke repair service, free technical support, the latest hot explosion styles are available, including IQOS 2.4 PLUS, lil electronic cigarette, iBuddy i1, EFOS E1, Kung Fu and so on. Website content includes IQOS and e-cigarette products for sale, IQOS teaching materials, IQOS repair station, IQOS cartridge trial experience, heater experience and so on. Heater's predecessor is the IQOS repair station, which is well-known. IQOS maintenance is our professional scope. Commonly include IQOS flashing red light, IQOS broken heating film, rare bad battery and bad charging, and more than 3,000 IQOS have been repaired. There are also hundreds of electronic cigarettes including Lil e-cigarette and iBuddy. The branch is a highly experienced professional master who can provide professional IQOS teaching and knowledge, suggestions for heating cigarette selection, and taste recommendation of IQOS cartridges.

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