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Handheld Culture


Handheld Culture is a digital publishing specialist that works to revolutionize the Chinese publishing world. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Beijing, the company boasts one of the largest copyrighted Chinese-language digital book databases in the world. Handheld Culture partners with more than 200 Chinese and Asian language publishers to provide a platform agnostic e-bookstore, enabling content creation, distribution and consumption.

The company also offers an interactive hub for readers and bookworms, allowing them to browse, purchase and recommend books online or through mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7. In just six months since the launch of the service, Handheld Culture has accumulated over 50,000 users, who have paid to read over 8,000 e-books, and the bookstore is updated with more than 100 titles each month.

In addition to the e-bookstore, Handheld Culture provides digital publishing consulting, e-book production, and print-on-demand (POD) solutions, giving publishers and content owners the chance to save on print costs and target specific markets with controlled production quantity.

The company's mission is to eliminate inefficiencies and third-party hurdles in the traditional publishing world, while also working to improve transparency and make direct advertising an integral revenue source for content owners.

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