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Mr. King Chan


We manufacture and export 4d animal puzzles. We have 30 series of 4 models each, including dinosaurs, mini dinosaurs, wild animals, reptiles, desert creatures, North American animals, endangered animals, beetles, cute animals, poison frogs, tree frogs, polar animals, ice age, cats, dogs, sea animals, coral fishs and mini wild animals.All models are clear or have realistic coloring and highly detailed finish.Each model is packed in a jurassic egg, box, globe, trunk, paw, basket, dog house, shell or cage in a display box or blister card.Animal sizes are between 5 - 24 cm length consisting of 7 - 35 pieces.We also supply the following toys -Board games, animal Kingdom, baby musical mobiles, baby musicals, balls, balls flash & music, beads, baby beauty playsets, battery operated toys, boats, brooches, bubbles, building blocks, building bricks electronic, cars 4-wheel drive, cars assorted, cars battery operated, cars freewheel, cars friction powered, cars playsets, cars pullback, cars remote/cable control, cars sonic control, chess sets, clocks, darts & dart guns, die cast, doctor playsets, dolls, dolls battery operated, dolls dresses, fans, finger scooters bicycles, fishing games, flying saucers, games, guns, hair bands clips mirrors, holiday playsets, house playsets, infant toys, key chains, kitchen playsets, kites, lanterns musical, masks, military playsets, miscellaneous toys, motor cycles, musical toys, organs, phones, pianos, planes, play boards, playsets assorted, police playsets, push lights, puzzles, radio control cars, radio control assorted, radio control planes, rainbow springs, remote/cable control, ride-on cars & bikes, ride-on b/o cars & bikes, robots, saving banks, singing & dancing, small toys, spinning tops, sports, sports soft toys, squeaky, stamps & chops, string pull, swimming accessories, table lamps, tea sets mini, tools playsets, track cars, track trains, trains, transformers, walkie-talkies, water games, water guns, wind-up, yo-yos.We offer you competitive prices and high quality. If you are interested in any of these products, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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