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Mr. Peter Lee


The use of water resources has ever been a primary concern of mankind. And since its founding, we at tsurumi have worked at developing and creating water utilization technologies, making products entirely unique in the field, in line with our management policy of "dedication to pursuing close communication between people and water nature". In particular, we have made pioneering developments with regard to pump manufacturing that are unique in the industry. In order to meet the many needs of our customers, we have thoroughly investigated a variety of uses for pumps, and our performance in this area has brought us great acclaim both domestically and internationally. At present, tsurumi technologies are contributing to ever more flourishing cultural and industrial projects and configuration of people? S contacts with water in public amenity facilities. The technology and know-how which we have accumulated in the past, and which we continue to reinvent, is being put to good use in dealing with the tremendous present-day problem of environmental protection. We at tsurumi have come to realize that this field will continue to carry out our company? S mission, through our incessant efforts, to bring "satisfactory and pleasant engineering technologies" to society at large.Playing a supporting role in the construction of the new kansai international airport (osaka, japan) tsurumi's technologies were employed in many areas of the airport? S construction on a vast man-made island over the soft ocean floor at an average depth of 18m. Tsurumi? S world-leading technology actually proven in the/**/akashi-kaikyo bridge/* the worlds' largest suspension bridge of 3910m completed in 1998. The bridge? S piers are closed-box steel caissons that were sank with tsurumi? S expertise by 50 submersible pumps with a positional error of only a few millimetres and without a single breakdown.

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