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Mr. James Kan


Golden palanquin is a specialty service company, experienced in producing acrylic components with various methods: Blow molding, vaccumn foaming, bending, fabricating, select injection molding. Various shapes include: Dome, bowl, cone, bell, channel, drum, touchier, cylinder, pyramid, hemisphere. Quarter sphere, wasll scone with or without back.Plus a complete line of ada fixtures. We operate a specialty custom model, molding and jigs department. We offer pattern development for new molds and duplicating of existing parts.We are equipped for cementing, flame polishing, sand blasting, routing, stripping, drilling, etc. We are known for our natural looking materials. We imitate glass, alabster, marble, etruscan(scavo), granite, mica, horns, tortoise and metal(brass, copper, gold, etc. These materials offer the natural look without the price, handling and breakage associated with glass and marbles. These materials will not yellow, age, or disintegrate with time. Custom color matching is available at minimal or no cost to our customers. Free color samples are available upon request. Our equipment and material offer large diameter products that are impossible to make in glass or marble. The natural strength of acrlics reduces packing and shipping costs. Our turn around(lead time) is prompt and does not compromise on quality.We are profssional manufacturer/exporter of faux alabaster and we supply and we supply different kind of products to satisfy our customer wants. The translucent faux alabaster are both decorative and fuctional. The beauty of the stone panels available in a range of sizes and shapes offer a big flexibitlity from any standard product. Both natural and artificial lighting can be used to enhance the unique translucent. We would be glad to advise you on the appropriate light panels. We would be glad to advise you light sources for your application.

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