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The Finest Jewellery Collection In Hong Kong. For over 30 years, Gad & Co. has pioneered and surpassed industry standards of excellence and innovation within the world of high jewellery. Our masterpieces marry a gem’s beauty and rarity, with innovative style and artisanal craftsmanship.

Through decades of experience and knowledge, we are able to control every stage of the jewellery making process- from sourcing the stone, to perfecting every facet through the arduous processes of cutting and polishing, right down to designing and setting each masterpiece in house.

Gad & Co. is proud to offer only the most beautiful pieces for sale. The birth of a Gad & Co masterpiece begins when our expert specialists examine the gem, selecting the finest to send to our talented lapidaries and diamond cutters for preparation and polishing. After the gem is cut and polished, our master craftsmen weld it using the most lustrous and rich metals on earth, resulting in a breath-taking work of art.

Investing in our fine jewellery collection is not solely an investment in exquisite treasures for you to wear and cherish, but a valuable keepsake you can pass down to the next generation.. Discover why many of the world’s greatest connoisseurs trust Gad & Co purvey solely from our catalogue. They say a diamond is forever, and we make it our mission to create relationships that- like diamonds- are forever. Enjoy browsing our catalogue and discover true beauty at Gad & Co.

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