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Mr. Jackson Lam


1984 :Our history dates back to 1984 when Capmatic Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in Taiwan as a manufacturer of machinery for producing electrolytic capacitors and related automation equipment.1987 : The company expanded into Hong Kong following the founding of Fulltronic Component Company as a supplier of electrolytic capacitors. The two companies have since formed a group to provide customers of key services in the capacitor industry. Later, we broadened our business scope to handle other electronic components such as resistors, other types of capacitors, various kinds of passive speakers, mylar speakers, piezo buzzers and condenser microphones.1992: Prosperous sales prompted us to set up a factory in Guangzhou, China to produce electrolytic capacitor machinery. We started our full production lines and launched our UNITED brand for electrolytic capacitors.Furthermore, we won the award of The Best New Technology Investment Enterprise from Guangzhou Foreign Investment Enterprise Association.1995: A series of brand-new electrolytic capacitor machinery was developed by our in-house R&D team. These latest machinery enhances productivity and ensures high product quality.1996 :Our entire production base moved into a new building with a total floor space of 30,000 sq. ft. The monthly production capacity is estimated to reach 60 million pcs.1998: Full production lines are reaching to the standard of ISO and monthly production capacity raised up to 100 million pcs.1999: ISO 9002 success approved from BSI registered firm of UKAS Quality Management with Certificate number FM 51682. Definitely ensure the operation of quality management system which complies with the requirement of ISO 9002.

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