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Ms. Donna chiu


Foot Science LtdMain product: Gift promotion item-puffetti BurstersPocket hat, shoe insoleEstablished since 1992 with own factory AND WE ARE THE ORIGINAL PRODUCT DEVELOPER WITH PAT. In CHINA, USA & Europe AND PASSED THE EN71. Product instruction: Puffetti. The present third generation puffetti is a major improvement. The earlier generationsrequired the user to turn the puffetti upside down before using. The product has proved itself in the market jungle. Its 3 winning features are: 1. Its safe-there is no chemical explosives, no high-compression air, no power springs. Merchants can carry this merchandise without extra insurance. 2 of all the poppers in the market, only 2 gives a big sound. Puffetti is one, and the other one has gun powder in it. 3. It jets streamers 20 feet high-its great fun with a spectacular sight. 4. Extremely cost effective-its cost is consistently 50% lower than any other safe poppers. We custom-pack the contents, anywhere from the traditional confetti, rice paper, rose petals and bird feeds. The sachet is custom-printed in logos, flags, emblems, anything our customers want. Besides the usual celebrations and advertising premium, there is a new trend of it being used as a lottery carrier. Should you have any enquiry for the puffetti please feel free to contact us for more information or visit our website, customer design are welcome.

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