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Fish & Meat

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At Fish & Meat, we specialize in ingredients that speak for themselves and food that you crave week in, week out. Pairing back ingredients, each component of our dishes has been carefully sourced and cooked in an honest and rustic way. Salt that is packed full of minerals, olive oil with that peppery hit in the back of the throat, the finest whole sea bass that we could find, a handmade porchetta stuffed with Italian fennel sausage… Fish & Meat is a restaurant that stays true to its real fundamentals. Culinary director, Malcolm Wood, and head chef, Russell Doctrove, are the creative forces behind the honest and ingredient focused menu. Our dishes are designed to be shared, family style and have been cooked by a talented team, who simply focuses on the best produce and cooking methods, to perfect the fish, meat and homemade pasta dishes.

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