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Mr. Tony Woo


Established in 1994, elam EL industries ltd. Began selling its innovative lytec electroluminescent (el) lighting wire in 1998. Elam's 30,000 sq. Ft Israel plant in the new "hi-tech" industrial complex in jerusalem is ISO 9002 certified and lytec has ul and CE approvals.Recipient of the prestigious chief scientist of israel's excellence award in 1996, elam is well financed, has a mature management team, a staff of some 50 employees and three international marketing and sales offices in new York, Singapore and jerusalem.Elam, the market leader in light-emitting wire, now presents hi-bright, lytec, a much brighter, longer-lasting product, based on elam's proprietary, breakthrough technology.Lytec lighting wire lets you to add 360-degree, multi-colored neon glowing accents to virtually any interior or exterior application to make captivating and spectacular creations that were never-before conceivable.The new high-bright lytec emits more light at lower operation voltage than anything available to date-from elam or any other source. The new high bright product is allowing much longer lifetime. It allows designers to present much more attractive products and uses/these dramatic improvements stem from our commitment to constant product improvement and uncompromising quality. This same intensive R&D effort enables us to market the world's highest-grade lighting wire products at a very affordable price.In short words, the product has the following special benefits:- flexible light source- indoor and outdoor use- very low energy consumption- battery operated- range of 10 different colors- cool and innovative look- cold, no dangerous to users- patented technology

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