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CommuPro Languages

Chris Ho


The mission of CommuPro is to promote multilingualism, cultural exchange and global education by providing a wide range of high-quality language services and courses which prove to be fun and effective. We make language learning enjoyable because we know that is the best way to learn.

We are currently offering various courses in English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese. We offer group courses as well private classes, language courses as well as cultural classes, courses for adults and students as well as classes for kids.

We have regular courses throughout the year. We have special terms over Easter, Summer and Christmas where intensive courses are offered. Our Instant A1 series can bring you from zero to A1 level in 37.5 contact hours (while conventional courses will take around 100 contact hours). We also offer ongoing courses and we tailor-make catch-up classes for private individuals who want to join in the middle of a group course or a level where he/she is not yet adequate for.

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