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Mr. Jacky Cheong


For oem/odm in china or wholesales chinese productsWe have partners in china who could help you to produce your products in your own brands, egFor your healthWe specialize in providing supplement, such asA fish mawB shark finC abaloneD bird nestOur aim is to serve you with the best health food with the highest and constant quality.For green teaWe also specialise notoginseng bud teabag. It is a kind of green tea. We have a production line for this teaFor your beautyWe provide different brand names from europe, japan and korea, eg yukeido.All branded perfumesAll beauty accessories, egA makeup sponge & puffB foundationC blushD eyeshadowE sunblock spf lotionF facial maskG eye maskH anti-wrinkle essenceI anti-freckle essenceJ lipsticks, p etcWe also wholesale perfume, enamel, and all beauty-related products~~we create beauty! ~~is our operating concept. Once you serve the supplement and thereafter use our beauty products as mentioned above, then you not only look gorgeous in an inside-out way full of stamina, but also have a healthy and charming body.That is why we call ~virgo18~~~Wholesale/export~health food~ we have partners who are one of the largest wholesalers with high goodwill in hong kong. They have their production line in the world. Hence, with reasonable prices, there must be no fake goods for fish maw, shark fin, abalone and bird nest. We could provide a large amount of goods for wholesaling, eg 30 catty (kan) shark fin or 20 catty bird nest.~yukeido~The whole line of yukeido products could be found at our wholesale web site,Some of the yukeido products could be found at our retail web site~oem/wholesale/export~cosmetics/skin care productsWe help clients to manufacture their own beauty products,Eg by using raw materials, to produce virgo18 pearl whitening/oily face mask we have clients spread through the world, eg japan, singapore, america and canada. We export many beauty products to overseas constantly.More than 2000beauty products could be found at the above wholesale web site.Main business:1. Health food: Fish maw, shark fin, abalone, bird nestTarget client: Overseas buyers: Usa, uk, canada, europe, singapore, taiwan, japan, china, germany,India , etc

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