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Mr. Zhao handong


China Resources Microelectronics(Holdings) Limited(CRM), a subsidiary of China Resources Logic(Hong Kong Listing No.1193), is the technology flagship of China Resources(Holdings) Ltd. Co. As well as a well known national microelectronics enterprise in China. Headquartered in Hong Kong, CRM has its total assets in excess of 1.5 billion HK dollars and annual sales close to 1 billion HK dollars. The core business operations of CRM are located in Hong Kong, Wuxi and Shenzhen with China Resources Semiconductor Co. Ltd. Wuxi China Resources Huajing Microelectronics Co. Ltd. Wuxi China Resources Semico Microelectronics Co. Ltd. Wuxi CR Micro-Assemb Tech. Ltd, Semicon Microelectronics(Shenzhen) and other subsidiaries as well as affiliated companies such as China Resources CSMC Technology(Hong Kong) and others.Oriented towards the Chinese and overseas market for consumer electronic products, CRM is engaged in the design, development, wafer processing, testing, and assembly of two major categories of semiconductor products: Integrated circuits(ICs) and discrete devices. With the design capacity for 0.25 �m products and processing capacity for products over 0.35 �m as well as two 4' production lines, one 5' production line and one 6' production line with the annual production of 1,500,000 wafers and the total assembling capacity of over 10 billion pins, CRM has gained strong competitive advantage in Chinese semiconductor industry.Closely keeping up with the latest global trend in the development of semiconductor products and technologies, CRM strives to provide its clients with competitive semiconductor products and services of mature technology to meet the ever-increasing needs of the Chinese semiconductor market. CRM aims to put China Resources semiconductor chips into every Chinese household and strives to become a first-class developer and supplier of consumer ICs and discrete devices to maximize the values of its shareholders and employees.

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