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Mr. Henry Chan


Established company with manaufacturing facilities in South & North East Asia producing under the brand name "REINEX" and also for private labels worldwide. With our expertise in product development we are able to assist you breath life to your ideas and beyond. The most satisfying experience we have of the globalised economy comes from standing on the bridge between the enduring traditional business and the technology driven business model that will drive our value concept beyond new frontier. We are determined to continuously position ourselves to deliver value through achieving quality beyond customers' expectations in our products and services. OUR MISSIONTo serve our client as a knowledge society that provides integrated marketing solutions with our products and services to client partners' global operations. To deliver unsurpassed value to our customers, suppliers, and employees, therefore creating wealth for everyone along the value chain. OUR VISIONTo be sensitive to the needs and changes of our clients and their customers-constantly sniffing for unexpressed needs-and scurry to meet those needs effectively. OUR CREED1) Customer focus is everything we do. 2) Wealth creation is the reward for adding value in everything we do. 3) Employee empowerment is our greatest source of strength and creativity. 4) We will deal with difficult issues with courage and honesty. 5) Continuous improvement and constantly inviting change is critical to our success. 6) We will bridge differences with integrity.

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