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Avrio Solutions Company Limited


Avrio, the winner of the HK ICT Startup Awards 2014, developed a cloud-based mobile device management solution known as eSchoolPad to help revolutionize e-learning in the education sector. eSchoolPad works like a remote control, allowing teachers to switch apps, deliver content, and even lock devices on connected mobile devices with a few clicks. School administrators can also manage apps across all WiFi connected devices in the school.

The development of eSchoolPad was spurred by the need to ensure students remain focused on their learning material without being distracted by the Internet or games. It gives teachers and parents the comfort and confidence that mobile devices in the classroom and at home are being used appropriately. Since January 2014, eSchoolPad has been in pilot testing with over 50 schools and 1,000 devices across Hong Kong. The commercial launch is scheduled for 1st August 2014. Already, 23 schools are paying for the service and the feedback from teachers and principals has been overwhelmingly positive.

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