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Anhui Tongchuang Brush Co., Ltd.

Charlie Cao


ANHUI WORLD BRUSH CO., LTD, located in State-level scenic spot—Tianzhu Mountain, where the geographical position is exceptional, and the transportation is convenient. The predecessor of the company is founded in 2002 with the name of Tongchuang bursh. In order to perform the successful operation of domestic trade and foreign trade better, the company has expanded the capitial and completed the transformation. There are 60 employees on active duty, 17 professional and technical personnel in the company, the registered capital is two million yuan.

  As a professional company in brush manufacturing, ANHUI WORLD BRUSH CO., LTD has been engaged in the production of non-standard brush used in road and industrial brush for long time. The company is a private enterprise ,which committed to the brush developed and brush production. With the independent patent technology of the third generation of wafer brush production line, WORLD has double layer steel brush automatic production lines and Italian technology 5 axis drill empty flocking machine, as well as a patent for invention of a new generation of sweeping bursh production line. The company has 31 sets of other brush mechanical equipment. Now, WORLD has achieved the production from metal parts processing, mechanical equipment design, injection molding, wire brush synthesis to the synthesis of assembly line production. The Main Products: Industiral brush roll, road cleaning brush, brush machine, abrasive tools, machinery hardware, rubber plastic products,mould,etc.

  Industrial brush roller main products: Double-layer winding roller brush, Monolayer steel brush, planting brush roller, disc assembly brush roller, Suitable for glass cleaning machine,Metallurgy and metal processing machinery,Food processing machinery,Textile dyeing and finishing machinery,Furniture wood floor mechanical brush,and fourteen Industry machinery brush ,With grinding, polishing, cleaning, cleaning, rust, oil removal, in addition to iron, dust, coating and other functions.

  Road sweeping brush main products: The wire disc brush, Square brush,Wafer brush, round brush, Intermediate roller brush, side brush, wire roller brush, snow brush, Multipurpose ice-breaking snow brush, and More than 300 varieties. Applicable to all types of domestic, import road sweeper, snowplows, guardrail cleaning vehicle,Is the street, airport runway, highway, port, road construction, ideal for sweeping snow.

  Brush machine main products: Wafer sweeper brush Machinery line, Double-layer steel brush production line, CNC cutting machine. The products of our cooperation with Beijing Research Institute of automation, Design flaws, abandon the German beauty similar mechanical, More suitable raw materials and process in China,With less labor, easy operation, high yield, high quality, no waste advantage.

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