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Mr. Shum


A-ONE PRINTING is a printing company with an annual output of 200,000 pieces. Clothes printing experience, is now a number of government departments, universities and large and medium enterprises long-term cooperation printers. Jeans, sweaters, jackets, windbreaker, pants, bags, and so on are available, but also Valet printing, silk screen, hot stamping, direct injection, superscript and other services.

The company is a registered company in Hong Kong, clients, including individuals, groups and the size of businesses. Set up exclusive plant, the team production experience, is committed to exploring new raw materials, new technologies to provide the best quality service to the public. There will be special offers for community grassroots or volunteer groups. In the past years, the company has served all types of companies and individual groups, good service attitude, word of mouth.

The company focused on customers, customer first for the purpose, to provide the price is far lower than other companies. Due to the direct contact, transparency, the company's staff has been with the customers to maintain a good relationship. In the spirit of "can help, must help" to talk with the customer, to both sides satisfied.

===== contact convenience
Set whats app offer service
For the convenience of different customers, we have WhatsApp customer service staff, for the busy you provide direct, fast offer service. And the service hours from Monday to Sunday from 11 am to 9 pm, to facilitate the need for urgent or urgent need to change the contents of the order customers.
In the case of
(Foreign, New Territories): 60956571
(Kowloon, Hong Kong Island): 65479582

===== shipping fast
Provide urgent single service
The laying period for this busy season is generally 8 to 13 working days; the off season is usually 6-9 working days. If the customer needs, but also to the customer service staff inquiries "urgent single service". Accelerated Day According to the single volume and schedule, the fastest two working days from the goods.

===== professional, confidence
Company employees have the relevant mapping technology and design knowledge
The company will regularly arrange for the staff to receive the relevant printing courses. In addition, art workers graduated from the City University of Hong Kong creative media department, for the pattern of a certain level of beautification. Therefore, the company welcomes customers to map price, advice, and even discuss the printing and even design services.

Opening Hour


10:00 - 19:00


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