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Ms. Joewa Lai


SINCE 1985, A Force has been waiting to serve you. A Force has been demonstrating the total devotion to the computer industry by continuously investing in machinery&people, self-own office&factory property, and acquiring ISO9001. A Force is a top rank memory module manufacturer in Hong Kong and has established good reputation in the worldwide market. With strong world-wide network, good reputation and sincere commitment, A Force always gets the direct support from semiconductor manufacturers, such as Infineon, Winbond, Micron, Hynix, Hitachi and Nanya.Witnessing the significant and fast-growing demand from worldwide consumer electronics sector. To further move to consumer market A Force has kick-started its own brand name 'MUSE' in 1993. MUSE becomes a prime brand name both at Hong Kong and worldwide providing state of the art digital camera and memory card products. In 1998, A Force has also established a new brand name called 'Ram Bo' which specializes in USB storage gadgets such as RAM Bo M-Disk and RAM Bo Crystal Disk.Over the last two decades, A Force has evolved from a computer memory module manufacturer and supplier to consumer electronics memory storage products providers. The transformation reflects its gradual improving ability in production, R&D, and sales&marketing skills, which leads the group to its top-leading status in the market.Our key products are memory modules(DDR2DDR/SDRAM/EDO/FPM), digital camera/video, MP3 player, memory cards(CompactFlash card/Smart Media card/Multimedia card/Secure Digital card/Reduced-Size Multimedia card/Mini SD card), USB Flash Disk, USB Peripherals, Compact Flash Reader(5in1Reader/6in1 Reader), CPU Processors, Memory Tester and SMT services

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