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669 Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Nancy Yang


1) Intelligent and Automatic Housewares: Users can control home appliances, cookers, stewpans, airconditioners and etc through mobilephone or computer to logon
2) GPS for Vehicles and Motorcycles: Users can check the driving records within 30 days, and track the current locations through
3) Commercial & Home Alarm Detection Systems: Confortable and safety life and working environment, wired report main unit, wireless infrared detector, wire detector, wired smog \ pneumatic detector, handset signal shield and so on. Wish you enjoy your life!
4) Motorcycle GSM Alarm System: When your car is impacted or under abnormal situations, the system will send the warning message automatically to your mobilephone with 5 seconds.
5) Intelligent Remote Control Copy: Users can copy original remote control for replacements under the same frequency. It is used to sliding gates, roller doors, garage doors, curtains, wireless switches and housewares and so on.
6) Emergency charger: On your travel or business, all kinds of connectors will supply constant power for mobilephone and laptop.

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